Top 5 NFL Handicappers

As the NFL betting market has to continued to grow our Top 5 NFL Handicappers page continued has grown right with it. If you enjoy betting on The NFL then you have come to the right place. Our Top NFL Handicapper page is arguably the hardest page to get on because of how it important it is. Let’s face it, to win consistently betting on the NFL is extremely difficult. To win year after year is something that 99 percent of NFL bettors can only dream of. We’ve been reviewing and ranking sports handicappers for a long time and we use many factors to compile our definitive list of TopRated NFL Handicappers. Past accomplishments, recent success as well as our opinion on sustained future success are three areas we take very seriously.

Having a winning week 17 weeks in a row then continuing it through the playoffs is virtually impossible. Everyone has losing Sunday’s. The difference between the Sharp NFL handicappers on this list and the betting public is these guys don’t chase on Monday’s. They get right back to work on Tuesday and trust that their skill and work ethic will bring them another winning week. We don’t have to tell you that they are usually right. Choosing the best NFL handicapper for you is the goal. Our Top 5 NFL Handicappers page is updated monthly. Handicappers will go up and down the list (or in and out) periodically. Be sure to read the capper bios and Handicapper Review Pages carefully. We suggest trying out a couple of NFL Cappers before committing to one long term. Choosing the right capper for you is the goal. Good luck to everyone and bet responsibly. If you would like to check out our NFL Handicapper Money Leaderboards CLICK HERE

Top 5 NFL Handicappers 

(Click Capper to see review page & picks. The profit is determined using $100 bets for each pick) 

1. Scott Rickenbach

The 2014 NFL Handicapping Champion Scott Rickenbach is our Current Top NFL Handicapper because he checks all the boxes. Not only is he a former champion, but he also has two third-place finishes, he’s made the most profit of any NFL Handicapper since 2012 and despite not making the Top 10 in the 2018 regular season, Rickenbach finished as the second-best playoff capper.


2. Jeff Alexander

The reigning 2018 NFL Handicapping champion missed out from being at the top of our current list by the slimmest of margins. Jeff Alexander should really be 1a. Since September of 2013 Alexander has hit an amazing 56 percent of his picks for a profit of $6,259. When you are looking for a handicapper to follow in the upcoming season Alexander is your guy.


3. Frank Sawyer

The second best NFL Handicapper of 2018 is on an amazing run. Since the middle of the 2017 NFL season, Frank Sawyer has hit 60 percent of his NFL picks for a profit of $4,912. After a hot finish to 2017 and just missing out on the championship last year, look for Sawyer to make a run at it this year.


4. Sal Michaels

The 2018 All-Around Handicapping champ may have used baseball to set himself for the title but he used the NFL to close the deal. Michaels hit an incredible 65% of his 91 total picks, good for a profit of $2,332. What CAN’T this guy do? If you don’t consider him for a follow in 2019 you’re not listening.


5. Jeff Hochman

Jeff Hochman doesn’t pick a lot of games and should be used more for single games or a one day pass for the 2019 season. Trust us, he is worth a look. Since 2011, Hochman has hit over 61 percent of his picks for a profit of $6,225.