Top 5 NBA Handicappers

There is nothing more fun than being an NBA bettor. From Late October until early June watching and betting on the most incredible athletes on Earth is fantastic. Every night you can place your bets and for 6 hours be entertained by gifted athletes. The problem though like with any betting is it’s only exciting if you’re winning. Lebron James dunking on the fast break, Kevin Durant’s unstoppable fadeaway, and James Harden’s killer crossover won’t be as fun to watch if you’re losing your ass. The NBA can be one of the most maddening ventures when you take into account all the variables. The long road trips, back to backs, injuries and general ups and downs of an NBA season are enough to make you go mad.  That’s why following a Top Rated NBA Handicapper on our Top 5 NBA Handicappers list can be one of the most enjoyable follows you can have. Why would you sweat about if Lebron James sitting out the 2nd night of a back to back when you can let Teddy Davis do it for you? Why worry about Joel Embiid’s balky knee when you know Jack Jones is on top of it?

Most bettors know enough about The NBA that they can open their phone 10 minutes before tip and win a couple of games. If you want to make some serious money betting on the NBA it takes hours upon hours of handicapping. The analytics alone is enough to make most people go nuts. So why do it when Rob Vinciletti can do all the work while you sit back and enjoy while your bankroll grows? We suggest trying out a couple of NBA Cappers before committing to one long term. Choosing the best NBA handicapper for you is the goal. Our Top 5 NBA Handicappers page is updated monthly. Handicappers will go up and down the list (or in and out) periodically. Be sure to read the capper bios and Handicapper Review Pages carefully. Good luck to everyone and bet responsibly. If you would like to check out our NBA Handicapper Money Leaderboards CLICK HERE 

Top 5 NBA Handicappers 

(Click Capper to see review page & picks. The profit is determined using $100 bets for each pick) 

1. Jack Jones

If Jack Jones can squeeze into the Top 10 of this NBA season it will be his 5th Top 10 in the last 10 years. That kind of consistency is something most NBA bettors can only dream about. In those 10 years, Jack has hit 54% of his picks for a profit of $13,334. That’s Insane!


2. Rob Vinciletti

Rob Vinciletti is a fantastic handicapper in many different sports but when it comes to the NBA even we didn’t see this coming. Unless he totally flames out Rob will take home his first NBA Handicapping Championship in 2019. We have noticed he was getting better on his NBA picks the last few seasons but he upped his game big time.


3. Alex Smart

Since December of 2016, no one has won more than Alex Smart. The 2015 NBA Handicapping Champion also has two #2 finishes in 2017 and 2018. Since December 2016 Alex has made a profit of $8,207. He had a slow start to the current season but with a strong finish, he can grab another Top 10 finish.


4. Bobby Wing

Many would argue Bobby Wing should be at the top of this list. No one has made more profit over the last year than Bobby with $5,611 since March of last season. He slots in at number 4 because of the longevity of the other 3 guys in front him. With a top 5 finish in 2019 look for Bobby to shoot for the outright crown in 2020.


5. Teddy Davis

Teddy Davis was at the top of our NBA Handicapper list for so long it’s kind of strange seeing his name this far down the list. After a below average 2019 we had to drop him down the list but we don’t expect him to stay down long. Teddy holds the single-season record for profit with $6,064 in 2016. We expect big things again in the 2019-2020 season.