Top 5 MLB Handicappers

We believe of all the sports, baseball is going to benefit the most from legalized betting. Going to a Major League ballgame in the summer is truly an American pastime and when you add betting to the equation we believe even more people will go to the ballpark. But betting on baseball is extremely difficult. To be good at it and win consistently is a full-time job. It takes hours and hours of handicapping to be successful and if you don’t put in the time you will get destroyed. It’s summertime and no one wants to spend their precious free time handicapping baseball. That’s where the MLB Handicappers on our Top 5 MLB Handicappers list come in. This is by far the most competitive list to get on because there are so many Top Rated MLB Handicappers.

Our Best MLB Handicappers make more money than the best handicappers in any of the other sports. And it’s not even close. The Top 5 MLB handicappers in 2018 had a combined profit of $27,094, which was $8,000 more than The Top 10 of the NFL that year. We suggest trying out a couple of MLB Cappers before committing to one long term. Choosing the best MLB handicapper for you is the goal. Our Top 5 MLB Handicappers page is updated monthly. Handicappers will go up and down the list (or in and out) periodically. Be sure to read the capper bios and Handicapper Review Pages carefully. Good luck to everyone and bet responsibly. If you would like to check out our MLB Money Leaderboards CLICK HERE

Top 5 MLB Handicappers 

1 Ryan Worden

In 2018 Ryan Worden had his worst April handicapping MLB since we’ve been following him. Once May hit he started crushing it and finished with an impressive 4th place finish. Ryan went 198-144 for a profit of $4,839. A number that would have won the Championship in 9 of the 11 years we’ve been doing this. Ryan started slowly in April 2019 again but once May hit he got going again and is now in the Top 10. After an incredible 2018 and in 2019, currently, in the Top 10, Ryan Worden is the Best MLB Handicapper on the internet.


2 Sal Michaels

Sal had a season for the ages in 2018. Easily winning the Handicapping Championship and breaking the single-season profit record by almost $2,000. The final numbers are astonishing. In 2018 Sal Michaels went 181-129 (58%) for a profit of 7,368. For dime bettors that equals out to $73,680. That’s just sick. 2019 has not been so kind that’s why he was overtaken for #1 but Sal not giving up his reign without a fight.


3 Bobby Wing

Bobby Wing is a fantastic MLB handicapper who also Crushed 2018. Wing is another capper who does his damage with underdogs. Despite hitting less than 52% of his picks in 2018 Bobby finished with a profit of $5,403 thanx to +108 average odds. Bobby started 2019 slow but has been hot of late and is climbing the leaderboard. Stay tuned


4 Kevin Young

After a 9th place money list finish in 2018 Kevin Young opened up the 2019 season with his eye on a bigger prize. So far he is the top contender to take the 2019 crown. But until he can pull away and knock out the heavy hitters chasing him #4 is where he stands.



5 Cole Faxon

Cole Faxon may have come in 2nd on the money list in 2018 but he also broke the previous record for profit won in an MLB season. Faxon only won 52% of his picks but he did it at +114 average odds. When you add it all up it came out to a profit of $6,157. For nickel game bettors that comes equals over 30 Grand. Faxon is off to a slow start in 2019 but do not count him out.