Sports Betting Line Shopping – Find The Best Price

    Sports Betting Line Shopping

    If you view sports betting as a long term investment (which you should) then this article is important. Line Shopping is one of the most important lessons you can learn while betting. If you only belong to one sports book then you have to sign up for more accounts. Comparing lines at different books and being prepared to bet at any one of them is key to success. In spread sports, if you are paying a lot of -115 and -120 you are doomed for failure. No matter how much you believe in the play, consistently laying those kinds of odds will bankrupt you. Look at it this way, in an NFL season if you bet 100 games at $500 each and go 55-45 that should be considered a successful season. If you layed -110 on all those bets you’re profit would be $5,500. If you layed -115 it drops to $3,250. With -120 odds you are only looking at $1,000 in profit for all that hard work.

    If you love betting money line sports like MLB, NHL, and Soccer it’s even more important. Let’s use baseball as an example. In a matchup between the Blue Jays and White Sox, I like the Blue Jays. Looking at lines across 6 different books I see one book has them at even money, four have them at -105 and one at -106. I’m jumping on the even money. With access at multiple books, I just saved myself $5 or $6 if the bet loses. Almost every baseball game will have these $5 or $6 differences. over a full season that’s going to add up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars. It could be the difference between a winning or losing season.

    It’s pretty simple when you think about it. If you close the gap of what you take from the house on wins and what they take on losses, you will benefit greatly in the long run. Every book has to assess risk on every game. If one book is getting more action on one team than another, they are forced to act accordingly and lower their risk. If you just do a little sports betting line shopping you will learn a valuable skill that will help cash more tickets.

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