Top Ranked Handicapper Sal Michaels

With baseball season in full swing, there is no better MLB handicapper for us to feature than Sal Michaels. The reigning 2018 MLB and All-Around Champion Sal Michaels had a year for the ages. In 2018 Michaels crushed the MLB books to the tune of a 181-129 record (58%) and a profit of $7,368. That is an extraordinary amount of money. It’s a big reason Sal won the All-Around handicapping championship but not the only one. For the entire year, Sal made a profit of $11,839 which means he was cashing tickets in other sports as well. If you put that into perspective as a $300 a game bettor you would have won $35,517 betting all of Sal’s plays last year. If you are a dime bettor, that equals out to $110,839!

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