Ryan Worden Sports Handicapper

Ryan Worden is a very successful professional sports bettor. After years of contemplation, he finally decided to release his plays to the public in 2017. It took him a little while to get used to being a professional sports handicapper. Now that he’s got a full year under his belt he’s hitting his stride and crushing the books. Ryan makes most of his money betting the NFL, MLB, College Football, and College Basketball. He has been the best MLB handicapper on the website since the start of 2018 with a profit of over $7,000. That is equivalent to a dime bettor winning over $70,000. Ryan has also won the most profit in the last two NCAA Tournaments and crushed both NFL and College Football in 2018.

Our Review of Ryan Worden Sports Handicapper

Ryan Worden is one of our Top-Rated Sports Handicappers and we strongly recommend you follow him on a long term subscription basis. He has been profiting in five different sports so choosing just one to follow him is pointless. If you buy a 1-year subscription to Ryan Worden and bet every play he releases with discipline and strict money management it’s almost guaranteed you’ll make a considerable return on your investment. Check out our Handicapper Leaderboard and see how Ryan Worden is doing as well as other Top Handicappers. Please Bet Responsibly.

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