Premium NFL Betting Picks

The NFL is still king when it comes to betting on sports in America. We know this because the NFL betting handle in Nevada rises every year. There was 1.8 Billion Dollars bet in Nevada Sportsbooks in 2018 according to ESPN.   With more states legalizing sports betting and the money goes from the black market and overseas to the individual states, we’re going to see just how much money this sport truly rakes in. With all that betting, comes a lot of losing. Nevada also won more off NFL bettors in 2018 than in any other year breaking their record from 2017. Some of that is obviously a factor of the more money bet the more will be lost. But it’s also more people are novice bettors. We know for a fact that not everyone who comes her is a novice. We know many great NFL Bettors who supplement their own picks with picks from other Top NFL Handicappers.

Everyone who follows a handicapper for a full season or just buys a few picks during the season wants to find the Best NFL Handicapper to follow. The problem is no one really knows who that is. Sure we have an idea and we spend a ton of time ranking and reviewing the Best NFL Handicappers. The truth of the matter is the landscape changes so quickly even we have a hard time keeping up. That’s why our Premium NFL Betting Picks page is so important. It gives our readers a chance to look at the picks from all of our Top Rated NFL Handicappers. We always recommend until you find a couple of NFL Handicappers to find the one that works the best for you. Check out our NFL Handicapper Leaderboard. Good luck to everyone. Bet Responsibly.