Premium NBA Betting Picks

No sport is more fun to bet on than the NBA. The league has exploded under commissioner Adam Silver and give him credit for being the first man in charge to see the writing on the wall. Back in 2014, 4 years before the U.S. Supreme court overturned PASPA, Adam Silver wrote an OP-ED in the NY Times about the need to legalize sports betting. He knows that sports betting and the NBA will be a beautiful marriage that will make everyone in the NBA richer. He’s counting on you to lose. Well, we are here to say you don’t have to lose your money to the books. We have the Best NBA Handicappers on Earth. Guys who win year after year. There is a ton of money to be made watching the NBA and allowing someone else to do all the work. Nothing better than watching the NBA Playoffs while following a capper on a heater.

If we knew for sure who the Best NBA Handicapper is, trust us we’d tell you. The problem is there is no clear cut #1 NBA Handicapper. If there were everyone would follow him but It changes from year to year. But there are a select few guys who are at or near the top of the leaderboards every year. You can go to our Top 5 NBA Handicappers page to find out the 5 we like or you can research on your own. But do a little research before you buy picks on this page. All NBA picks are guaranteed to win or get the next day free. Before purchasing picks check out our NBA Handicapper Leaderboard. Good luck to everyone. Please Bet Responsibly.