Premium College Football Betting Picks

NFL has been king of the American sports betting world for a long time. College Football may soon be overtaking it if it hasn’t already. Around 2017, sports books in Nevada began seeing weekends where the college handle would be higher. Joe Avello, famed bookmaker at the Wynn Las Vegas said it best in this 2017 NY Times articleThe books are so experienced and good setting the NFL lines that they are tough to beat. There are so many games in College and more room for mistakes when setting lines for 20-year-olds. The books make a lot more mistakes in College and the public is figuring out what the sharps have known for a while. There may be more money to be made betting on College Football than the NFL. You just have to know where to find it and our Top College Football Handicappers know what to look for.

College Football betting is big business but it’s usually the books who come out on top. Unless you have the time to properly handicap the full college football slate every week then you stand little chance over the long run. Here you will find all the College Football games released. We recommend going to our Top 5 College Football Handicappers page for our picks or to the leaderboards and do your own research before you buy. Following one of our Top College Football Handicappers can be a very rewarding experience. If you like a handicapper give him a shot over a full season. Chances are you’ll come out on top. Check out our College Football Handicapper Leaderboard. Good luck to everyone. Please Bet Responsibly.