Premium College Basketball Betting Picks

Even though they will never admit it, the suits who run The NCAA are ecstatic about legalized sports betting. Reuters estimated that 8.5 Billion Dollars would be bet on the 2019 NCAA tournament alone. Imagine what it’s going to be in 5-10 years. You know the NCAA is going to get their share. The beauty of legalized betting is more people will discover how much fun it is to bet on college basketball from November to February. There is no sport that offers as many chances to win (and lose) in a day than College Hoops. But it is probably the hardest to consistently win. That’s why if you choose to follow an NCAAB handicapper you have to follow the right ones. Make sure you do all your homework because the top guys win consistently year after year for a reason.

This is one of the best pages on our website. Day after day there will be dozens of College Basketball picks to choose from. We have some of the Best College Basketball Handicappers on the Internet but we can’t tell you who to bet at any given time. In an NCAAB season, cappers have multiple hot and cold streaks during a season so you may find yourself buying from multiple handicappers. If you find one you like STICK WITH HIM for the entire season. The College Basketball champ the last 4 years would have made $300 a game bettors over $13,000. Check out our College Basketball Handicapper Leaderboard. Good luck to everyone. Bet Responsibly.