Johnny Banks Sports Handicapper

We often use the phrase Top Rated Handicapper to describe the cappers who believe are upper echelon. If this were The NBA then they would be the All-Stars. Well, Johnny Banks is even above that. He’s already in the Hall of Fame. Banks is one of a kind on this site as he is the only handicapper in the 11 years we’ve been doing this who has won the All-Sports Handicapping Championship twice. A true “sharp” in the industry, Johny shares info with some of the best sports bettors in Las Vegas.

Johnny Banks does not discriminate when it comes to which sports he bets on. He mostly stays in the six major American sports leagues and soccer. If you enjoy betting in volume then Johnny is your man. There are days that he may release 10-15 picks. He will pick as many games as he sees value in no matter how many that adds up to. So if you’re not ready to bet that many, move on.

Our Review of Johnny Banks Sports Handicapper

Johnny Banks is one of our Top-Rated Sports handicappers who has been releasing his picks to the public since 2009 and making them a lot of money. He’s proven it time and time again with 24 Top 10 finishes. We recommend you follow him on a subscription basis. We suggest starting with a 3-month subscription. Check out our Handicapper Leaderboard and see where Johnny Banks and our other Top Handicappers rank. Please Bet Responsibly

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