College Football Handicapper Leaderboard

The Best Cappers College Football Handicapper Leaderboard features some of the Best College Football Handicappers on the Internet. The leaderboard allows a transparent view of which of our Top College Football Handicappers have the best records and win the most profit. Profit is determined using flat $100 bets for each pick. College Football has become the second most bet on sports in America. It’s also very hard to consistently win in college football because there are so many teams to handicap. With 130+ teams and an annual turnover of players and coaches, it’s a full-time job just to keep up. Many of our Best Rated College Football Handicappers do this for a living and spend countless hours honing their skills and looking for edges they pass on to you.

If you love betting on College Football but have never had much luck with it then you’ve come to the right place. Only our Top-Rated College Football Handicappers have the skills to get on this list and stay there due to this being their full-time job. The goal of every one of our Top-Rated College Football Handicappers is to win the College Football Handicapping Championship. The championship is so hard to win that no College Football Handicapper has managed to win it twice. The record for most profit won in a season is held by Art Aronson with $3,583 in 2014. The College Football Handicapper Leaderboard updates automatically every day.

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