All Around Handicapper Leaderboard

The All-Around Handicapper Leaderboard is our premier leaderboard. This page officially houses the best sports handicappers on the internet. To be featured in the Top 10 of this page you can’t just be good in one or two sports, you must win month after month the whole year 12. It takes a lot of hard work and skill to get even close to the Top 10 of this list. If you do that, it means you are making a lot of money. Just look at some of our past All-Around Champions.

2018 Sal Michaels: $11,839 profit ($118,390 for Dime Bettors)

2017 R&R Totals: $5,808 profit ($58,080 for Dime Bettors)

2016 Rob Vinciletti: $9,165 profit ($91,650 for Dime Bettors)

You get the picture. The guys in the Top 10 of this page make themselves and the people that follow them a lot of money. It’s hard in January and February to see which guys are going to crush it and battle for the All-Around Handicapper Championship. But every spring you can see it happening. A few guys will start to pull away from the pack. That’s when you should be pouncing. Find one of the Top guys and buy an All Sports Handicapper Subscription and bet right along with that handicapper. If you pick the right guy, stay disciplined, and manage your money correctly at the end of the year there is no reason you shouldn’t be up 10 grand or more. That’s a lot of money.

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