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The U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) opened the door for sports betting in America. This long overdue legislation is being celebrated by sports bettors everywhere. As more and more states are enjoying this new freedom of legalized betting, we felt the need to help people who don’t understand the dangers of sports betting. That is why we created Best Cappers, to give the novice bettor a place to get the information needed to give them a fighting chance against the books. Here at Best Cappers we review and rank some of the best handicappers on the internet and allow you the reader to get to know each one of these top handicappers for their different styles and techniques. Only our Top Rated handicappers will make our Top Ranked Handicapper pages. We will rate the Top 5 handicappers for all the major sports as well as our Top 10 ranked all-around handicappers. We will also provide you with up to minute lines on all the games of the day, sports betting articles, as well as free and premium sports betting picks. This website will even compare lines from major books and give you our opinion of the best sportsbooks to place your bets.

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If you want to use sports betting to get rich quick you will be humbled and broke in no time. To make a living from betting on sports or even to make some side cash you have to consider it a long-term investment. You have to employ many different skills to maximize your earnings including shopping around for the best lines, money management, and a lot of discipline to minimize your losses. To hone and employ these skills effectively can take years. It takes hours upon hours of hard work every single day, time that many people just don’t have. That’s why they come to our website. For many of our professional handicappers, this is their only job. They eat, drink and breathe handicapping and they bet on all the picks they release. That is why we recommend reading our handicapper review pages and trying many of our handicappers to find the right one for you. Our best NFL handicappers will differ from our best college football handicappers, Our best NBA handicappers may not be the best MLB handicappers and so on. Check out our Best Cappers bet blog for articles to help you achieve your ultimate goal of consistently beating the books. Good Luck and Bet Responsibly.