The most bet on sport in the world is only a blip on America’s sports betting screen. Some estimates have the worldwide soccer betting handle in the tens of billions. Yet most Americans don’t seem to care and it’s for the simple fact they most don’t watch soccer, therefore, don’t want to bet on something that they aren’t going to watch. We call those people tv bettors. They aren’t serious about making money they just want to watch and root on their bet. We not only believe that soccer is a fantastic sport to watch but betting on it makes it all the more enjoyable. Most handicappers that we review and rank don’t even pick soccer games. But the ones on our Top 5 Soccer Handicapper list do and they win some good money.

    If the whole point of sports betting is to win money than those tv bettors and the American betting public shouldn’t care what sport it is they win their money on. Only how many tickets they can cash. Trust us our Top Rated Soccer Handicappers cash a ton. We suggest trying out a couple of Soccer Cappers before committing to one long term. Choosing the best soccer handicapper for you is the goal. Our Top 5 Soccer Handicappers page is updated monthly. Handicappers will go up and down the list (or in and out) periodically. Be sure to read the capper bios and Handicapper Review Pages carefully. Good luck to everyone and bet responsibly¬†If you would like to check out our Soccer Money Leaderboards CLICK HERE

    Top 5 Soccer Handicappers 

    1 Johnny Wynn

    2 Marc Lawrence

    3 Ben Burns

    4 Dana Lane

    5 Sean Murphy