No one in sports holding a position of power is more excited about the legalization of sports betting than NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. Just ask him because it seems like that’s all he’s talked about for a year. Once against the idea of people betting on hockey, Bettman has done a 180 and now advocates for it. It’s like someone finally locked him in a room and told him the amount of money the NHL will make if there’s legalized betting. Bettman walked out of the room seeing dollar signs and suddenly caring about the harm black market bookies are doing to society. He’s right to want betting on hockey. It’s a fantastic sport to bet on and more people will watch if they have money on the games. Winning consistently betting on the NHL is extremely difficult though but our Top 5 NHL Handicappers make a ton of money doing it for a living.

    To be able to consistently win betting on the NHL you have to be all in. It’s a full-time job that takes extreme dedication. You have to be in tune with injuries, back up goalies and something a small as players moving to different lines if you want to even stand a chance. Following one of our Top-Rated NHL Handicappers makes the experience way more enjoyable. We suggest trying out a couple of NHL Cappers before committing to one long term. Choosing the best NHL handicapper for you is the goal. Our Top 5 NHL Handicappers page is updated monthly. Handicappers will go up and down the list (or in and out) periodically. Be sure to read the capper bios and Handicapper Review Pages carefully.¬†If you would like to check out the NHL Handicapper Money Leaderboards CLICK HERE

    Top 5 NHL Handicappers 

    1 Brody Vaughn

    2 Alex Smart

    3 Matt Fargo

    4 Cole Faxon

    5 Kevin Young