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Welcome to the best sports betting newsletter/email list on the Internet. Most betting sites ONLY send you spam to buy their picks. No one wants to be bombarded with that crap every day. Day After Day there it is, staring you in the face, next to your sportsbook spam to get $100 in casino credit and emails from various Vegas Strip casinos offering you rooms. Taunting you to come back and try to win back the money you lost the last trip because in a 3 am drunken stooper you lost all the money you won at the sportsbook playing blackjack. That email spam always looks so urgent “Buy This Once in a Lifetime, Lock Of The Millenium Pick For ONLY $100” like you’re the dumbest person on Earth. You only gave them your email to look around the website and now you gotta scroll past that shit every day. You eventually stop opening them. Then they start to blend in with all the other crap you’re bombarded with. After deleting it EVERY DAY for months you finally crack and take the 5 FUCKING SECONDS it takes to open it, scroll down and press the unsubscribe button. THOSE EMAIL SUCK!  So we aren’t going to do that to you. Sign Up for our Sharp Money Email List and we aren’t going to fucking annoy you. Plan on getting a couple of emails a week containing the following.

  1. Free Picks from Top Rated Handicappers – Who Doesn’t Like Free Stuff?
  2. Handicappers On A Heater – When someone is on a heater you share the info and it’s up to them!
  3. Leaderboard Updates – YOU GOTTA KNOW who’s on the leaderboards. That’s where the money is.
  4. Handicappers We Think Can Win You Some Cash In The Long Run – Boring But Useful Info.
  5. Discounted Subscriptions From Top Cappers Because you gotta get some spam, This is America.

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